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Day Tripper Tour

Explore the islands further on our kayaking day trip. Visit a small state park island and enjoy a walk or just relax on a secluded beach. Pack a lunch and join us for a great experience of the islands. More time on the water means more beautiful scenery and wildlife. Routes vary based on the day’s tidal currents and weather. We will confirm the meeting location the day before your tour. (Deer Harbor Marina and the end of North Beach Road are common launch points.)

This tour includes stable, 2-person kayaks, all necessary kayaking gear, basic instruction, guide service, and a stop at a state park island for lunch, with time to relax or explore.

No kayaking experience necessary, but this trip is best for physically active people. Time kayaking is about 4 hours.

What to bring: lunch, snacks, water, sunglasses, brim hat, layered clothing to stay comfortable, windbreaker, footwear that can get wet (sport sandals or old sneakers: we recommend against flip-flops), sunscreen, lip balm, cash for guide tip. Phones/cameras are at your own risk: waterproof pouches are recommended.

$120 /person

Minimum age:  15 years

May 26 – Sept 9


Day Tours — Frequently Asked Questions

Am I in good enough shape to do a Day Tour?
If you are in active physical condition the answer is probably yes. The day trip includes about 4 hours of actual paddling, with a lunch break in the middle. Wind and currents may cause some days to be more strenuous than others. You may feel some muscles complaining by the end of the day. (That’s a good thing.)

Can I take my camera or phone?
Some people do. Keep in mind that salt water is very corrosive to electronic equipment. We recommend waterproof cases or pouches.

Can I bring my dog?

Since you use 2-person kayaks, do I need to paddle?
Yes, everyone must be willing and able to paddle. If you have had recent rotator cuff surgery, open heart surgery, brain surgery, or any surgery, injury, or other medical concerns — check with your doctor to be sure this activity is appropriate. We are not qualified to evaluate your medical condition.

Should we tip our guide?
Our guides are paid for their work. However, if you especially enjoy or appreciate their efforts it is certainly encouraged to show your appreciation with a tip.