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Read About Shearwater and Orcas Island

The Huffington Post published a very nice article about Orcas Island, featuring Shearwater Kayak Tours, Doe Bay Resort, Rosario Resort, and other island businesses and locations. Check it out, then come for a visit!    

Curious Seal Pup

A curious harbor seal pup has been spending time with some of our tours recently. Usually lone seals are shy and keep a distance. This little one has been swimming right under our kayaks and popping up very close to us. Kids on one of our tours named it “Chubbers”, and it certainly looks well […]

Bald Eagles

One of the most common wildlife sightings while kayaking around Orcas Island is the bald eagle. It is a rare day that we do not see at least one eagle on our tours. Often we see them soaring high overhead or perched near the top of a fir tree on shore, and occasionally our encounters are very […]

Deer Harbor – Orcas Island

Deer Harbor is one of our kayak tour locations on Orcas Island. Due to the sheltered location and dock launch, we offer tours here earlier and later in the season than our other sites. Almost anyone can enjoy kayaking from Deer Harbor. For centuries the area was used by the local Lummi people, part of the Coast Salish […]

Winter Kayaking

I think this photo was taken on Hood Canal years ago. We haven’t had a winter that cold in a long time! Although our tours are closed until spring, it’s certainly possible to enjoy kayaking around Orcas Island or the Pacific Northwest this time of year. Just keep a few extra things in mind to improve […]